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— мощность 0.50 Вт
— дальность 8 км
— количество каналов 8
— Ni-MH-аккумулятор
— вес 174 г
— 2 рации в комплекте
— артикул 1051240

The Motorola XTR446 is a lightweight, robust licence free radio which is ideal for both personal and business users who are looking for a cost effective way to start communicating using two-way radios. This walkie talkie comes in a twin pack which features a two radios, two belt clips, a dual charger, two NiMH rechargeable batteries, and two microphone-earpieces. It features VOX (Transmit on Voice) functionality which lets you operate the radios hands-free. Simple to use, the Motorola XTR446 needs no specialist radio knowledge and is available from Eemits Communications or our partner site www.2wayradioshop.co.uk with a lowest price promise.
When I had my old pair of XTR446 I never bothered doing a video review. Now it's time to appreciate its replacement. The XTB446 has taken a very different design approach to the XTR446. There are more squares, straight lines and flat surfaces. Although the functions have remained the same. It's a smart, simply and robust walkie talkie from Motorola and should justify the ?80 retail price.
The Motorola XTR446 has the many features of a licensed two-way radio, but is accessible to anyone. It is value packed with two handsets, belt clips, NiMH batteries and ear bud headsets and has a five mile (8km) range, a 20 hour AA battery life, plus powersave for tough conditions. Ruggedly designed, has a keypad lock and a backlit LCD for easy viewing.. The cool design and easy to use functionality will appeal to all; family and friends will enjoy using the radios in so many ways - family holidays, around the home, everyday activities, shopping, motoring, walking, camping and scouts.
Features: Keypad Lock
Single pin accessory connector
Back lit LCD
Battery meter
Side button volume control
Side PTT
Belt Clip
Priority channel
Room Monitor
Power save
Standard Package Comprises:
2 x Radios
2 x Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
2 x Belt Clips
2 x Boom Microphones
1 x Twin Drop-In Charger
1 x Power Supply
User Guide
1 Year Warranty
tu peut des maintenant aller voir ma vid?o sur les talkiewalkies motorola tlkr t6!!
Micro Haut-Parleur ?tanche D?port? Microphone Pour prise 1-jack
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