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— мощность 5 Вт
— количество каналов 4
— Li-Ion-аккумулятор
— вес 376 г
— артикул 1040984

Introducing the Motorola CP040 Li-Ion battery where I discuss its intial charge and basic maintenance.
Stats: 7.4v, 11.1Wh
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This Motorola two way radio earpiece is the professional grade choice for security professionals, bodyguards and other covert operatives requiring reliable and crystal clear communication with colleagues at all times. As you'd expect of an high qulity earpiece, it is made from highly durable materials and premium quality components, making it the earpiece of choice for professionals that demand the best equipment.
The earpiece is connected to the push-to-talk (PTT) button with heavy duty Kevlar reinforced wire. This is the same material used to make bullet proof vests, so you can be assured that the earpiece's wire provides plenty of flexibility while being durable enough to withstand collisions and impacts without the risk of it snapping at the wrong moment. Partnering the durable choice of materials is the earpiece's ergonomic design. The earpiece fits snugly in the ear canal and can be worn comfortably for long periods.
The cable from the earpiece can be passed discreetly down a sleeve to the microphone's activation switch. Held in the operative's hand the PTT switch can be pressed at a moment's notice, enabling rapid communication and responses to what's happening on the ground.
When you demand quick, effective responses to situations that are unpredictable and challenging, you need the reassurance knowing you are using equipment that won't let you down. While there are cheaper earpieces available on the market, they are not built with the highly durable and high spec components used by Motorola to build this professional quality earpiece. This means they can be prone to breaking or components failing at the wrong moment, putting your ability to respond to situations and to coordinate with teams at risk With this earpiece, however, you have the confidence knowing that you can maintain contact with colleagues at all times with crystal clear audio and be ready to respond to whatever situation should occur.
There are many Motorola connectors out there and choosing the right one is a mine field. The most popular is the Motorola 2-pin, available on most online stores, and is regarded as the original connector and will work on a majority of Motorola radios.
The Motorola earpiece can be found it lots of different forms, from the d-ring style to the acoustic tube and the c-shaped style. But with a large selection to choose from it is the connector that stays the same, with an 8mm gap between the large 3.5mm pin and the 2.5mm pin the earpiece will work on any willing radio shown in the video.
The popular cp040 radio, a radio widely used in clubs, pubs and in events has the Motorola 2 pin connector, shown in the above video. As well as the CP040, the 2 pin connector works on the XTN and XTNi radios, popular because they are licence free radios and the not very well known Motorola P160 Radios.
The new range of radios using the 2 pin connector is the DP1000 series, the first of this range is the DP1400. Using both digital and analogue it supersedes the cp040 and gp300.
The Motorola earpieces for these radios can be found on earpieceonline.co.uk, get the best Earpiece for Motorola radio.
Sorry about the quality but I made a quick demo of the RVN4191 CPS. Motorola (Customer Programming Software)
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