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— мощность 5 Вт
— количество каналов 16
— Li-Pol-аккумулятор
— вес 300 г
— артикул 199992

A video about the Kenwood Protalk TK-3201 PMR UHF transceiver.
I found this one cheap on eBay. It was listed as not working and in poor condition.
When I received the radio it was working!
The only one thing wrong with it (except the missing knob and poor condition) was a very poor modulation.
When opening the radio i found a dented microphone which was the cause of the poor modulation. I replaced it and now it works great.
In this video: Inside view of the radio, The Kenwood KP-90D software and the size comparison with the Baofeng BF-888S (70 cm) and the Intek MT-5050 (PMR & LPD)
Ala 48 BSX elaborato COLT
Echo + Beep COLT
Echo regolabile in Volume e Delay
Doppio modulatore
Sistema Local-Dx
Power regolabile Min-Max
Preascolto regolabile
Vertex Standard VX-2200 Mobile Radiois available at Puget Sound Instruments: Call 1.800.826.2907 or Visit Online:

Vertex Standard VX-2200-ADOH LTR PKG-1 LTR VHF Mobile Radio, 50W

Vertex Standard VX-2200-AG7H LTR PKG-1 LTR UHF Mobile Radio, 50W

Vertex Standard VX-2200-AG7H PAS PKG-1 LTR UHF Mobile Radio, 50W

Vertex Standard VX-2200-D0-25 PKG-1 VHF Mobile Radio, 50 Watts

Vertex Standard VX-2200-D0-50 PKG-1 VHF Mobile Radio, 50 Watts

Vertex Standard VX-2200-G6-25-PKG-1 UHF Mobile Radio, 25 Watts

Vertex Standard VX-2200-G6-45-PKG-1 UHF Mobile Radio, 45 Watts

Vertex Standard VX-2200-G7-25-PKG-1 UHF Mobile Radio, 25 Watts

Vertex Standard VX-2200-G7-45-PKG-1 UHF Mobile Radio, 25 Watts

PSI Store:

Vertex Standard VX-2200 Mobile Radio Features:
120 Channel Capacity (VX-2200)
Power Output : 25 W (VHF) / 50 W (VHF) / 45 W (UHF)
Wide Band Coverage
Loud Front Speaker Audio
CTCSS / DCS Encode/Decode
2-Tone Encode/Decode
5-Tone Signaling Built-in
Emergency Feature
D-Sub-15 Pin Accessory Connector
ARTS (Auto-Range Transpond System)
DTMF Paging ( Option )
Encryption ( Option )
MDC-1200? / GE-STAR? ANI ( Option )
See us at:

PUXING PX-729 UHF 400-470Mhz 16 Channels + earpiece
1.Frequency range: 400-470Mhz
2.Side button 2 and side button 3 can be programmable by PC software to these functions:
Monitor, squelch on/off, scan on/off, scan temporary delete, high/low power, talk about, Reverse frequency, VOX on/off
3. Those functions can be programmable through PC software Tx total time(s)? squelch? VOX gain level? band width? Tx power rank? beep
4. UHF 4W output power
5. 16 memory channels
6. Built-in 50 groups of CTCSS and 104 groups of DCS
7. Data password for programming
8. Comes with 1200mAh Lithium-ion battery
9. Built-in VOX sensitivity 0-9 levels
10 Scan function
11. Programmed by PC
13. Adjustable power high/low
14. Adjustable squelch level (0 to 9)
15. Busy channel lockout
16. Reverse frequency function
17. DTMF ANI Encode(pre-only? post-only and both)
18. TOT function
19. Loud speaker with clear communication

Frequency Range

Operating Voltage

Operate Mode
Simplex or Semi-duplex

114mm x 59mm x 34mm
(Not included antenna)

190g(Including battery)

Antenna Impedance
50 ?


Frequency Stability

Output Power

Max Frequency Deviation

Audio Distortion

Modulation Character

Adjacent Channel Power

Spurious Radiation

Occupied Bandwidth


RF Sensitivity

Audio Distortion

Audio Response

Co-Channel Rejection

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

Intermodulation Rejection

Spurious Response

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