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— мощность 5 Вт
— количество каналов 200
— Li-Ion-аккумулятор
— вес 280 г
— артикул 1835824

Рация Yaesu FT-257
Ordered by a friend of mine and here to be programmed comes the 79.00 euro new hand held radio from Yaesu. It also has a sister radio the FT-257 which covers the 70cm amateur radio band (does not have 6.25KHz step for PMR) For the price of this radio sure you can have dual band equipment but if you like Yaesu this is for you. The FT-252E covers 136-174MHz with a decent power of 5 watts, 2 watts and 0.5 watts. The case is well built and has IPX5 water protection rated. Yaesu have now gone down the route of all others and produce this radio in China. You cannot help to wonder, with the price being less, the build is Yaesu but not like it used to be to put it simply.But i like the idea of 200 memories however let us see how they are to program. Adjustable transmit deviation, either 5khz or 2.5khz, 50 CTCSS tones, DCS 104 tones so all the goodies are there. The volume can be cranked up load without too much distortion so another plus point.. The radio has a comprehensive menu system as you can see. The price here is the key i suppose? Yes you can have other brands for less, and they have dual band, 6.25KHz step and other things but this is a Yaesu. Whether made in Japan, China or by someone in a shed down the bottom of the garden the radio will sell and sure will sell well. As soon a possible i will add another video here. First need loose the cough, get the channels programmed and then show its new owner how to program it also. ** AS A PS, the radio was bought in Greece i understand **
Comunicaciones en distinta banda de los distintos medios sofocando incendio en Moimenta(Lousame,A Coru?a) recibidas desde mi QTH.
Una llamada interrumpe la grabaci?n...pero hay que ayudar cuando surge la llamada...sobretodo la de un compa?ero.
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New and exclusive to yeticomnz.com is the yeticom optima. Fully redesigned and improved on with new coverage ..cooling...steps....filter stages...rf final stage shielding...designed by New Zealanders and made in China to meet the demands of the modern day ham radio operator .

Firstly the frequency coverage. This is available in four different configurations:

1:: New Zealand 40 cb radio channels only. No spilt offset 26.330-26.770 inclusive channel or freq display

2::USA/Australian 40 cb radio channels only. No spilt offset 26.965-27.405 inclusive channel or freq display

3:: 12 meter and 10 meter bands only (24.500-25.000/28.000-29.999 split available frequency display only (default coverage)

4:: 24.500-29.999 split available frequency display only (export mode)

Full use of the repeater spilt function is available on all bands (12/10meter or export modes only) at any time unlike pervious versions.

We have added a extra frequency tuning step the radio now defaults to 5khz stepping on power up to move around the bands faster of course stepping in 1/5/10/100khz steps can still be changed at any time. also we have redesigned the software so stepping has flow stepping just like the more expensive rigs...no more need of going back into the "function/call" to step up into the next band. like we said no gaps no jumps.

The transceiver has extra shielding in the rf driver/final stages added to comply with international regulations and type approval

Fm mode now has per and de-emphasis in the audio chain for far better fm mode operation for the European market

The receive has a new design to remove imaging problems pervious models had. Also we had had the manufactor improve the if filter and if filter stages for lower if noise ..another thing pervious models suffered from.

Extra cooling has been provided for the hotter climates ..the cooling is provided by a temperature controlled fan on the heat sink.

The mother board is a completey new design .
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