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— мощность 4 Вт
— количество каналов 16
— Li-Ion-аккумулятор
— вес 200 г
— артикул 1569168

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Обзор радиостанции Vector VT-44 military Scout от интернет магазина Eurozone.ru
Vector Trusters, Hobby Lobby model. Pilot, Juan Eduardo Alvear. Merced County Radio Control Club
Second video of my Freewing / Bananahobby SU-35 twin 70mm EDF Jet with vector thrust. I'm still figuring out how to do high alphas and hovers, but here are some of my early attempts. A couple of knife edges and two nice landings. Most of the flight is at 1/2 - 2/3 throttle. This plane is simply a blast to fly and undoubtedly the best foam EDF you can buy right now. Thanks to Jake at PCC field who graciously offered to shoot video and did an awesome job!
My 3rd and 4th Flight with my New SU-34 Sukhoi FullBack Thrust Vectoring Twin Engine EDF jet, from Hobby-Lobby.

About the Plane:
I installed Twin Hoffman Magnetic Ultra Mighty Mite 60mm EDF motors in it, with twin 60amp Turnigy Plush ESC's, and powered it off of a single 3cell 5000Mah 30C Lipo Battery. She pushes close to 4 pounds of thrust, and with a plane weight of right around 3 pounds, She can really cook! After a 4 1/2 minute flight, my Lipo reading was 11.21 volts remaining. So, the single 5000mah lipo handled the power consumption really well!

Thanks for Watching, and stay tuned for more exciting Films featuring this jet as I learn 3D flying with it!!

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A quick video of the business end of my F-15 Active.
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