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— мощность 5 Вт
— количество каналов 16
— Li-Ion-аккумулятор
— вес 210 г
— артикул 764072

Using the iPhone/iPod Touch app FreqGen to start the FM-repeater SK0RIX on 145.650 MHz with a 1750 Hz tone call. The microphone of an Yaesu FT-857D is held near the iPod Touch gen 3 loudspeaker
Utilize Kenwood's on the radio field programming to match to existing frequencies or to avoid cross chatter.
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This is colour television reception of NEN 31 Coffs Harbour, broadcasting from Mount Moombil. On-air the station is branded as Prime 7.

Distance: 329 km (204 miles)
Weather: Fine
Mode: Tropospheric ducting
Hepburn Index: Good (fluoro green)
Antenna: 34 element UHF yagi at 4.5 metres above ground level
Processing: nil
Source: DVD 4:3 format at 9,400 kbps
Target: H.264 MP4 AVC 16:9 format at 14,700 kbps
Software: Lavf54.2.100 under FFmpeg, Windows XP Pro
This transmitter will be closed down 20 days after this reception was received. November 27th marks the final stage of the digitalization of analogue terrestrial television in northern New South Wales. Ironically, the closure of a local analogue transmitter (the city's channel 31 community station) enabled this reception to be possible!

The station was broadcasting Home Shopping infomercials on Tuesday night around midnight.
The composite video output was fed into an external hard drive recorder. This provides evidence that the receiver is tuned to channel 31. The box shown is the On Screen Display of the LG DR386D when in analogue Manual Fine Tuning mode.

During this reception, FM104.7 Grafton (20 kW) could be received in the car at a distance of 237 km (147 mi). In addition, all the FM stations from Mount Moombil could be received in quieting stereo on a Tecsun portable receiver.

Thanks to these long distance UHF TV enthusiasts for providing friendly email assistance. These lads provided suggestions for locations, possible targets & antenna selection:
R. Copeman
L. Rainbird VK2KRR
P. Wilson
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