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— мощность 0.50 Вт
— количество каналов 16
— Li-Ion-аккумулятор
— вес 277 г
— артикул 148712

Vitai VT-UV dual band radio
Another comparison video of two popular variable DC power supplies. Price is the same, so it's a choice of functionality (Alinco) or versatility (Powerwerx). Because of the additional outputs on the front, and an Amp meter, I came home from Ham Radio Outlet with the Alinco. Hope this helps...
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Set the Tone, Tone Frequency and Repeater Offset on Yaesu FT-60

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Here's how I opened up my Transmit (Tx) and Receive (Rx) on the Yaesu vx-170. Out of the box, this 2meter radio only works on 144-148Mhz. This quick procedure increases the operating range to 137-174MHz. it Works on FT270 too

1. Take off the battery.

2. Remove the black sticker in the battery compartment to reveal this:

3. Next, you can either pop off the Resistor by putting an exacto blade under it and twisting, or you can just make a small cut in the circuit I've pointed out where to cut with the red arrow. Benefit of cutting the circuit and leaving the resistor is that you could just touch the circuit up later with a drop of solder and the radio will be back to 2meter only frequencies. That's what I did.
4, Next, while holding down the PTT and the button under it at the same time, turn on the radio. The screen will read "SETRST".

5. Rotate the dial knob until it reads "ALLRST", then press F (bottom left button)

6. Done. To make sure it worked, tune to a channel outside the 144-148 range and push the PTT. It read "ERROR" when I hadn't pop off the Resistor
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