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— дальность 12 км
— количество каналов 8
— 2 рации в комплекте
— артикул 143584

· 8 Channels - Easy access to all 8 PMR channels.
· 121 Privacy Codes - 38 CTCSS codes and 83 DCS codes provide a total of 121 privacy codes.
· Up to 12km Range - Depending on terrain and conditions.
· VibrAlert® - Provides a silent alert for incoming calls.
· VOX - User's voice is detected and the radio transmits without the need to press any buttons, freeing the user's hands for other tasks.
· 5 VOX sensitivity levels allow user to select at which point the radio will detect their voice.
· Baby Monitor - Allows radio to monitor a baby whenever a sound is detected.
· Dual Watch - Programmable two location scan allows user to monitor two different Dual Watch Locations
· 10 Channel Memory - Allows the user to program up to 10 channel or channel/privacy code combinations
· Call Alert - Provides up to 10 easily recognisable call alert tones for incoming calls.
· Roger Beep Tone - Confirmation tone indicates the completion of your transmission, and signals to others it's clear to talk. You can switch off if required.
· Backlit LCD Display - Provides ease of use, even at night.
· Battery Power Saver - A unique circuit extends the life of your batteries. If there are no transmissions within 10 seconds, the unit will automatically switch to battery saver mode. Batteries last three 8hr days during normal use.
· Scan - Allows user to scan either channels, CTCSS privacy codes within a channel, DCS codes Within a channel or up to 10 memory channels to locate conversations in progress.
· Battery Level Meter - Displays remaining battery life in an easily viewable LCD icon.
· Keystroke Tones (selectable on/off) - Confirms key activation.
· Key Lock - When activated, provides keypad security eliminating accidental channel changes.
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